Pat Olson : International Psychic-Medium
Pat Olson, is a gifted, world acclaimed Medium
who’s dedicated over the past thirty years to using her unique and highly respected blessings bestowed on her to help others. Having been through numerous tests, she has been proven to have a 97% accuracy rate by a well known New England university. Pat's talents have brought her to successfully work with many law enforcement agencies, such as Naval Intelligence, United Nations, FBI, State and Local police to aid in their investigations. Her list of clients also include many celebrities, politicians, and past/present dignitaries.

Pat declares her true satisfaction comes from helping others move their ‘Rocks in the Road', by removing emotional, physical and intellectual barriers that impede growth in their life, such as in love, work, and family. She does this by using her intuitive gift to interpret, predict and foresee outcomes and solve issues. Being an impath, Pat is also able to help people to uncover medical and physical ailments, while seeing the best course of action to help resolve them for the individual.
As a Medium, Pat is known to converse with, and even channel spirits, conveying messages/questions to and from those they left behind, helping to resolve open issues and obtain closure. From group settings, to one on one sessions, she has connected countless families with loved ones-
leaving them with much needed knowledge and peace. 
Life Coach, is another title that Pat holds, having spoken in front of thousands at many conventions, trade shows, and business functions.  Combining her psychic gift with her teaching of meditation, healing, and breathing techniques, she educates those who wish to elevate their lives to a more harmonic state and
get closer to accomplishing their goals.

  Pat works to enlighten and enhance the lives of all she meets in her travels, and does so not only with her psychic gifts, but in educating those who wish to listen with open minds.  
“So far on this fantastic journey I’ve met so many fascinating people, while learning more about myself in the process.

' I have found my purpose in life…now let’s find yours…'